Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting Rid of the Elephant in the Room

Phew! I'm finally facing my fear, admitting that I actually DO have a blog that I need to contribute to and that was in fact originally my idea of FUN! For the past ___ weeks this blog has been like the blur of movement you see out of the corner of your eye in your living room that you try to rationalize away by saying you just had an eye twitch. Why? Because if you admit that you actually saw something, that entails WORK, most likely of the unpleasant kind. I think the problem is the format I've been using, being committed to typing up a week's worth of food everytime I sat down at the computer. So, I'm going to be typing it up differently, possibly making this easier for you AND me. I will be giving each recipe its own post, so not only will I control my time committment but you'll be able to look up recipes much more easily. We'll see how it goes. At any rate, it's a good sign that I sat down at the computer and actually signed on to my blog, instead of letting the mouse wander over to my favorites tab and perusing the suddenly AMAZINGLY interesting sites I have listed there. So, here goes nothin'....

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