Sunday, August 16, 2009

Salmon Hash

I really love eating leftovers for breakfast, but I realize that's kind of weird, so I've learned to redirect my fetish into a more normal option: hash. I wish I could eat hash every morning. Of course, most of the time, my hash creations tend to look remarkably like last night's dinner, rewarmed in a frying pan, scrambled together with eggs, and topped off (of course!) with hot sauce. This week I got lucky with my leftovers. We had salmon, and in terms of foods I like to eat the next morning, salmon is in the upper echelon of my leftovers category. Its sweet, firm creaminess is pretty hard to beat for breakfast, especially combined with the sweet crunch of corn and topped with a perfectly poached egg. Hence, Salmon Hash.

Leftover: salmon, corn
1 egg, poached(my favorite way to eat eggs)
hot sauce

To poach the egg, get a little water simmering in a small saute pan. Add a little bit of white vinegar to help the egg hold its form. Break the egg gently into the water (which is not boiling and will never get to boiling) and allow to poach until white looks cooked. I flip mine over when the bottom of the egg looks substantial enough to handle it, and cook until the middle is just firmer than runny. Gently warm the leftover corn and salmon. Top with poached egg. Salt and pepper (a bit of butter melted on the egg if you like) and hot sauce to taste.

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