Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Smoked Sausage Skillet

This a dish from my childhood, definitely a comfort food for me. Plus, it's easy, simple, quick and healthy. And another bonus: it appeals to the one-skillet kick I'm on right now. (Yes, that was a little foreshadowing right there) This is also a go-to camping dish for our family. Everything gets cut up and bagged at home, then thrown into the skillet on the camp stove that night.

4-5 medium-large potatoes, scrubbed with skins on(I prefer reds for faster cooking time), sliced
3 large carrots, peeled and sliced
2 bunches of broccoli, cut into chunks and washed
1 smoked sausage ring, or polish kielbasa also works, sliced

Drizzle oil into a hot pan(enough to coat), then add sliced sausage; brown. Add all veggies and stir-fry until potatoes are tender. Season with Tony's creole seasoning and serve with a bottle of ketchup(my midwest roots coming through!)

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