Thursday, September 24, 2009


I don't know what's in the air these days, but for some reason it seems like a lot of friends have mentioned that they are looking for healthier snacking options. I agree!! With four always-hungry kids and a husband in the midst of a weight-loss bet with his brother(ummm, ok, I admit, and me working towards weight loss goals) I am definitely in the market for some great healthy snacks. Ones that don't hurt too much to buy, make or eat. I thought I'd tap into my greatest resource--other people!--to gather in some great ideas. I'll share snacks that we eat in my house(not that these are the ONLY snacks we eat, just the HEALTHY ones, which is the point of this post, so no guilt, ok?). Leave me a comment and tell me what healthy snacks you chow on at your house, and the recipe if applicable. And thanks!

~yogurt(a staple! preferrably Stonyfield)
~fresh fruit
~apples or bananas with peanut butter and Nutella
~dried fruit(cherries, mangoes, prunes)
~hummus with fresh veggies or pita chips(see my post here)
~Mrs. Mays Ultimate Crunch
~string cheese sticks
~smoothies, made with frozen fruit, protein powder and Costco chocolate weight loss drinks
~graham crackers with bananas, peanut butter and Nutella or honey
~hard-boiled eggs
~tuna salad and tortilla chips(I know, weird but true)
~celery with cream cheese


  1. I don't cook but some of the items you listed, my family and I eat too. Like strong cheese, although we haven't bought that in a while. When it comes to frying, vegetable oil is healthy, which is what my mom says. To get the kids eating vegetables you can add cheese like broccoli and cheese. If you are watching your diet, then you can try cheese from skim milk. Quesadillas are great too but instead of cheddar cheese or American, you can use skim milk cheese like "Ranchero". It's not fattening. I wish you the best of luck and thank you so much for your encouraging words over at my blog. You've made my day.

    Have a wonderful week filled with fun and happiness. :D

  2. Oh thanks for reminding me, Crystalin. I posted a review of these books but I might have forgotten to post it here. I loved the Ramona collection series A LOT! :) I haven't read the Dear Pen Pals yet. Still catching up to do. :)

    I love Teen and children's books. Fiction books are my favorite, but I seem to find cleaner ones and enjoyable ones at the Children's section recently. So far, not one yet from the Teen section but I know I will next year. There's a book I'm waiting to come out next year Called "My secret Hollywood Life: Broadway lights" by Jen Calonita.

  3. Tell me more about that smoothie! Is it really just the fruit, powder, and shakes? A chocolate fruit smoothie sounds like a great change from the normal plain yogurt and fruit one. I think my family would like it better too. What amounts of ingredients to use for a whole blenderful of smoothie?

    By the way, I was looking at that blog you posted about. So entertaining. How could you not have great material to write about with 2 sets of twins! Thanks for sharing.

  4. is nutella alone considered healthy?...we take fruit mainly as snacks and crackers

  5. Reviewer 11, oh my, I have to agree with you that cheese is one of the best foods on the planet! I still remember the day I first tasted fruit and cheese together, and it was heavenly. I love that you share the books you have read! You have given me an idea: I'm going to email all mi amigas and see if they'll give me their fave books list. Thanks!

    Carrie, I have an 8-cup capacity blender, and I fill it with 2 chocolate drinks, 4 scoops of protein powder, and 1/2-3/4 full of frozen fruit. Sometimes I'll throw in a yogurt as well. And hey, quid pro quo: what snacks do you like? I'm glad you liked that site. It seriously had me laughing!

    Equidae, ok, you caught me! No, not that healthy by itself, but I take the moderation approach: a little bit goes a long way, and it elevates a healthy snack to a treat. I think of it as a taste enhancer. And thanks for sharing your snacks!