Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fruity Tootie Smoothie

This is an exciting day in our house! My daughter Hailey made the MOST delicious smoothie, and I thought is was ingenious how she did it so she agreed to post it on my blog, officially making this a family blog! This drink has an amazing burst of fresh flavor, and the apple pectin and citrus zest make this a very healthy drink that is unbelievably delish. I'm turning the reigns over to Hailey now so I can go get another drink.....

Well I was babysitting and I felt like having a grapefruit(which I have been so sadly deprived of for the past four or so years)but instead I decided to make a smoothie. I guess this smoothie was partially made by my laziness. My mom congratulated me on how she never thought to use whole fruit, but I only used whole fruit because I didn't want to juice the fruit. Well enough about how I came to make the smoothie here's how you can make it..

Fruity Tootie Smoothie
This serves approximately ten people

two grapefruit
two apples
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 cup sugar

Then today I reinvented the smoothie today but added

1 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup frozen peaches

First you cut out the part you eat from the grapefruit and squeeze the rest you couldn't cut out, then cut the apples into slices depending on how good your blender is, also if you prefer more of a tang then use green apples( i used fuji apples).After your finished with that you add the peaches and strawberries.then depending on your like or dislike of sour things you can add more or less lemon juice, and even it out with the sugar. (I found the smoothie is also good as a popsicle) And their it is, enjoy!

PS The glass isn't full in the picture because I couldn't stop drinking it

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  1. Hailey, you are just like your mother! This sounds so yummy!