Monday, April 27, 2009

Beef Manhattans

I used to work at this cafeteria in Indiana that had the best food; they would make everything fresh from scratch. But one of their signature items was roast beef, and I'm talking this behemoth of a roast that was hand-carved for each customer, juices streaming with each succulent slice. It was awe-inspiring. But I loved that monster for one reason and one reason only--Beef Manhattans. You'll see why.

roast beef, thinly sliced(I use Sunday roast leftovers)
white bread
brown gravy, prefferably made with the drippings
mashed potatoes(again, I use Sunday leftovers)

Gently warm the beef. Heap hot piles onto the bread. Top with bread to make a sandwich(if you have any juices from the roast, drizzle some over the bread). Cut in half diagonally. Split apart. Scoop hot potatoes onto plate between sandwich halves. Smother everything with hot gravy. Oh mama....

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  1. I agree! This sounds heavenly. And what d'ya know - I have a roast in the crock pot as we speak.